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How men are affected by domestic violence

Bias against men in “Domestic Violence” campaigns

Bias against men in “Domestic Violence” campaigns

Something that has become more and more apparent in the western society’s war against men and boys is the repeated and constant use of women victim-male aggressor dichotomy narrative to demonize and shame men, driving them into an ever-more precarious state.

Take Domestic Violence (DV) campaigns. They focus almost exclusively on the suffering of women, and paint men as unidirectional aggressors, while the reality is that most DV is bi-directional.

domestic violence against men

Also, they try to label any and every normal human behavior as abusive, so long as it is perpetrated by a male.

Is “using logic” or “raising your voice” (even when the woman is screaming at you),  “using angry expressions” during an argument, or viewing pornography a form of domestic abuse? Well according to these idiots, it is, I kid you not.

This is insane!

And now, the US government is targeting men by including female-only domestic violence screening as part of its health care plan. Not only is it skewed against men, but it also will not address the problem of DV because most DV is perpetrated as much by women as it is by men.

What do you think?

Next time you hear some feminist, mangina, or reporter/journalist only focus on violence against women, be sure to let them know that men matter too, and ignoring their experience of DV is contributing to the problem, not solving it.