Forced marriages

Forced marriage. Did you know that in many states (and provinces if you’re in Canadia) you are de-facto married under the law just for living with someone? No vows exchanged, not marital contract signed, no ceremony, it just happens. Yep, that’s the ever-Orwellian “common-law marriage”.


One day, you wake up and you’re married, with all the legal hell that comes with it.

That’s right, one day, you wake up, you’re married, and all the legal hell and loss of rights (for men) that comes with it. If she leaves, you lose half or more of all you own, lose custody of your kids, have to pay alimony, child support, get kicked out of your house, have to pay for her lawyers to “divorce” you, etc.

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Sick right?

This is bullshit! This is tyranny! To be forced into a contract that you never signed or agreed to.

But of course, what do people (both men and women) and particularly the media complain about? That’s right, forced marriages for women. Oh, now it’s an issue (which it is, I’m not denying that), but not when thousands of men are being forced into marriage? That’s fine with them? Do the words “double-standard” and “misandry” come to mind?



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