Fathers First

Fathers first. It’s about damn time.


I am creating the hash tag #FathersFirst, and here is the mission statement:

We, in the west, are currently living in a matriarchal system. Most single parents are mothers. Even in marriage, women (the mother of the family unit) hold all the actual authority because she holds the power of divorce. She holds the power of divorce because whoever gets awarded child custody hits the jackpot in divorce court. The reason she gets the child is because our culture values motherhood more than fatherhood. We see women as naturally better caregivers, and men as financial providers. We must push the notion that men make equal or better parents. We must erase the notion that a mans only, or primary, contribution to the family is being a wage slave.

While I hope one day to see a genuine fathers first movement devoid of partisan politics, right now my main goal is…

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Shaming Tactics

Oh Sael!


Is Sael Palani just a fucking idiot, or a dishonest cunt?

Actually, she’s both.

However, rather than just calling her names (however true and accurate they may be), let’s instead use this as an educational opportunity to visit some of the oft-used shaming tactics to attempt to keep men “in line” and from being full individuals exerting their free will over their own lives.

See here: http://youtu.be/yEsgOjFznao

Now let’s go over them:

-Dismissive attitude from the beginning: also known as “poisoning the well”, a tactic aimed to discredit the target before even presenting any arguments. Notice the air quotes and the use of “so-called” at 0:25 .

-Generic shaming language such as “pathetic” throughout. Also notice the look of utter disdain on her face at 0:45 (lol).

 [Here is a fun drinking game: take a sip whenever she uses the word “pathetic”] (actually don’t do it, heavy drinking is unhealthy)

-Accusation of being “depressed” (in the annotation at 0:54 and at 3:30), and generally denigrating the mental state of the person you are trying to shame. Why criticize the arguments if you can just dismiss them as suffering from mental illness?

-Accusation of misogyny followed by an outright dismissal of arguments and evidence presented (1:00), also without addressing any of it.

-Accuse people discussing their issues of “not taking charge of their lives” and just complaining about them instead (1:35 and 6:40).

-Claim they want “attention” 1:46

-Claiming concern about negative impacts, pretending to care (concern trolling) 1:53 and 11:15

-Challenging the maturity of men: “little boy stamping his feet” 2:14 and “temper tantrum” 3:50

-Also notice how she claims to be speaking for “the rest of the world”

-Accusations of being selfish/self-centered “pathetically so involved in their own drama” 2:55 “incapable of feeling and giving and accepting love” (that’s right, if you talk about something that concerns you or have feelings she disapproves of, like not liking being used for money and then rejected/disposed of, you are incapable of feeling love)

-Accusations of inexperience along with a NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) 3:15

-Open mocking (even though she acknowledges that many women are gold diggers), notice her tone at 3:55

-Ignoring statistics and claiming these men “don’t live in the real world” 5:10

-Threats: “you are never going to have any kind of deep, meaningful relationship with anybody” 6:02 (so don’t you dare take a stance against toxic or vapid individuals).

*As a side note, notice how at 7:10 or so, she starts talking about how people who care about animals are good people, but doesn’t mention how Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer is currently being taken to the cleaners by his ex-wife, and tried to commit suicide as a result of all the strain this has taken on him.

So there you have it folks, the thinly-veiled cry of desperation. After all, the best defense is a good offense. Don’t fall for it.

Go ahead, spread the word, make your own responses, don’t stay silent in face of these bullshit shamming tactics.

Like this:

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and all the best in your endeavors, and most of all, remember that Men Matter Too.

5 Reasons Why Marriage is a Death Trap

Marriage is a Death Trap

When people ask me if I’m married, I answer: “Marriage is a death trap”


Why? Here are 5 reasons why marriage is a death trap for men.

1)      Half (sometimes more) of your property is no longer yours.

Upon the likely event of a divorce, the woman gets most of your stuff (which often you either owned beforehand or earned through your hard work while she mooched off your labor). As for pre-nups, they expire and can be overturned by often biased divorce court judges.

2)      50% of marriages end up in a divorce, and 70% of divorces are initiated by women.

If she gets bored, or meets someone better, you’re it. It’s pretty much a coin toss. You think you only need to find the right girl? Well, do you think all those other guys didn’t think they found the right one? Women are good at fooling men in love, as far as you’re concerned, it’s literally a coin toss.

3)      You live under constant threat.

The woman can, at her whim, get you kicked out of your house, keep you from seeing your own kids, separate you from your income, and have you incarcerated. The legal environment is such that you are not an equal, you pretty much have a loaded gun aimed at you at all times, and she has her finger on the trigger.

4)      Your life is consumed by your marriage.

Unless you are EXTREMELY lucky (like 1 in a million, literally), you will be the main breadwinner in your family, while your wife will either stay home or take a part-time, less demanding, lower-paying job. You will slave away all your life while not enjoying its fruits. And if you for some reason become unable to earn less, do you think she’ll still think of you as a man? Nope, that’s right, it’s out the door for you.

5)      Most women bring nothing to a relationship.

That’s right, I said it. Most women only have their looks and their vagina to coast through life. Even though their looks fade around age 30, they don’t care, they lived 30 years getting their way thanks to their pussy-pass, and that ain’t about to change in their mind.

They have no hobby, no interesting personality (and being an adult spoilt brat is not endearing), nothing really to bring to a relationship, except sex, which guess what, you’ll be getting less or none of once married. (and toeing the line will make you seem like a wuss, so less attractive to her, and defying her is also a no-sex scenario, so you’re screwed either way, just not in the good sense)

Conclusion: All in all, it’s a matter of economics, cost vs. benefit, risk vs. potential and uncertain reward.

So there you have it folks, happy new year, all the best, and stay away from marriage.

Just Imagine

Just imagine: someone or something kicks you out of your house, separates you from your possessions, and prevents you from getting back in.

Where do you go? Really, where do you go and what do you do? What is your action plan? Do you even have one? Is there even a place where you can stay immediately? What about medium to long term?

Well this scenario is far from being hypothetical for all too many innocent and loving men. A simple false allegation of spousal abuse, or sexual assault, of child abuse, or even just claiming to be “scared” by a woman is enough to initiate such a grueling process.

All your rights are belong to us

How does it work?

The woman gets a restraining order placed on you, you get kicked out of your house by the police, with no time to pack, and you can’t get back in, can’t get your stuff. Think you can go to court and argue in front of a judge to lift an unfair and unjustified restraining order based on unsubstantiated allegations? Good luck with that, it will take weeks to months to get a hearing, if you even get one at all, and once you do, if you do, you’re quite unlikely to get the order rescinded.

If false allegations of rape or violence or abuse are made, you go straight to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Just like that.

“How can this be?” You ask.

Well this is the crux of the problem. Men’s due process rights have been erodedto such an extent that they are outright being denied and ignored.

So again, let me ask you: where do you go?

A hotel? That’s expensive, and is no place to live. Another apartment or house? Again very expensive, particularly when you’re still required to pay mortgage on the house you’ve been evicted from.

Think it can’t happen to you? Well it happens to lots of unsuspecting men all the time. 50% of marriages end up in divorce, 70% of which are initiated by women, often for trivial reasons such as “boredom” or “falling out of love” (whatever that means).

You’ll cohabitate before getting married to make sure she’s the right one? Well that may will very likely lead you to being married without even knowing it, let alone consenting to it or signing any sort of contract.

It can and will happen to you, one psychotic break or whim is all it takes. A bit of greed on her behalf, nothing more.

Not to mention, women in the process of initiating a divorce or in a child custody battle are also all the more likely to file false allegations to gain the upper hand.

Not convinced you have NO rights? See the examples in the following videos:

Unfair, right?

So, you may be asking, “what can I do about this?”

Well my friend, it’s simple:

First, get the word out: Share this blog with as many people as you can, either on social media, in online forums, at your church, at your bowling club, at your gym, with your friends and relatives, anyone who cares about justice and personal rights and freedoms.

Second, sign the following petition: http://chn.ge/1hGS3Ks

Third, subscribe to this blog (follow) to get more updates, topics, news and actions about men’s issues.

Until next time, stay safe, take care of yourselves, and remember that Men Matter Too.

So what does “getting” more women in STEM mean?

So what does “getting” more women in STEM mean?

So what does this push to get more women in STEM mean? What are the IMPLICATIONS?

Well the Obama administration’s push to use Title IX to get more women in STEM (implying they’ll push women who aren’t necessarily interested in STEM in while forcing men who are interested out of STEM fields –that’s what happens when you have a mandatory arbitrary quota system in place) ultimately comes down to how men are being marginalized throughout society, and particularly the erosion of due process rights for men.

What exactly does this mean? Well men’s due process in the areas of academia, sexual assault accusations, domestic violence accusations, criminal accusations (when made by a woman), child custody and divorce settlement have been eroded in North America (and elsewhere in the world) to the point where they are almost non-existent.

To boot, most men don’t even know their due process rights are being infringed upon and even outright ignored!!!

Take these videos for example:

Here, you see how gender unidirectional “Domestic Violence” laws and restraining orders are used to strip men of their freedom and children (basically their lives) without due process, particularly used by women to get an upper hand during a divorce.

Here you see how one complaint of “being scared” by a woman led to a man being killed in his own home by police.

Here you see how this man is being denied his right to a jury trial!

These are just a few examples, there are many more, some of which will be shared on this blog.

This month of December, we will address and cover various issues and cases where due process for males is either severely limited, or completely disregarded, and the impact this has on men, women, their families, and society in general.

We are all human.

This has been Datte Hakamura, reminding you that Men Matter Too.

Consequences of forcing more women in STEM

Consequences of forcing more women in STEM

So as we saw last week, many women who go in STEM fields aren’t really interesting in pursuing long careers in STEM, they effectively retire after having kids, or just retire altogether.


So I really need to ask: What are the benefits of “getting” more women in STEM? Will it result in better STEM fields or industry? Will humanity gain more knowledge from people who are only in STEM half-heartedly, “just because it’s popular” or “just going with the flow” and then don’t push themselves or work hard and quit after just a few years?

Would society be better served by getting more people (men and women) who really are interested in STEM into STEM rather than focusing on artificially inserting people not-that-interested based on some superficial group-identity?

I’d really like to hear your thoughts on this.

Please comment below.

Part 2 of “Get More Women in STEM”

Part 2 of “Get More Women in STEM”

Well, since I haven’t yet gotten an answer on why getting women in STEM (a field most of them have no interest in) is so important, let’s look quickly at some of the resources devoted to that sole goal.


That’s right, the White House.

“If we’re going to out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world, we’ve got to open doors for everyone. We need all hands on deck, and that means clearing hurdles for women and girls as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.”

— First Lady Michelle Obama, September 26, 2011

So there you have it, only girls, not reason given why, just open the doors (as if they’re closed to women –citation still needed). Why not help men get in as well? Why not just help removing hurdles for all people?

But no, men’s issues are invisible to her, and it’s only the women she cares about. Nevermind that most scientific and technological achievements have been accomplished by men throughout history, no, let’s not even acknowledge that. Let’s just say these great men like Edison, and Tesla, and Einstein, and Heisenberg, and Planck were “privileged” (a common feminist shaming tactic) and had “hurdles removed” for them (which is demonstrably false). Let’s just shit on all the hard work it takes to accomplish something and try to get people in through the back door and call it “achievement”.

(and I should point out that many female scientists –like Marie Curie- have done great contributions to humanity as well in the past, did they do it by having someone “get them into STEM”? No. They worked for their accomplishments, just like the men did)

Don’t believe the hype.

Get More Women in STEM!!

Get more women in STEM!!

Have you noticed all the push by feminists to “get more women in STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)? “Oh women are under-represented in these fields”, “these fields are male-dominated”. And yes, there are more men than women working in these fields, but so what?

Are women being “kept out”? Is there some sexist discriminatory patriarchal conspiracy at work here? Or is the fact that women are choosing not to go into these fields just the result of culture (patriarchy) and gender roles (patriarchy), as many feminists will claim? (That’s right, feminists honestly believe that women are incapable of making their own choices. Who’s the misogynist here?)

This is a typical pattern, whenever a field/group/activity begins to be popular to the mainstream population, feminists try to infiltrate it, take it over and change it to suit their misandrist agenda. They will claim sexism, discrimination, harassment/hostile environment, the “boys’ club”, patriarchy and misogyny, backing these allegations with either nothing concrete or very biased and cherry-picked stats and examples.

I say “no more”.

This month of November, you and I, kind reader, will be delving more into the issue. We will examine and deconstruct arguments and rationales made, as well as try to challenge those pushing for this agenda.

Let’s begin:


Why are there so few women in STEM fields? Well for starters, one might consider it’s a matter of choice, personal interests, men are more drawn to STEM fields just like women are more drawn to being stylists or nurses.

See also:

Notice that lady that says she’s now quit her job to be a stay-at-home mom (aka parasite)? Well yes, it’s a choice she’s making. Why aren’t feminists complaining that women can make choices? (I’m not and I don’t know any MRA that is) And yet feminists complain about the end result of women’s choices, the overall proportion of women in STEM fields, only that they blame it on men.

So what now?

Well here’s what I did: I started engaging and questioning (in public view, ofc).


Here is a typical article (at a non-feminist blog, but they often refer to an investor as “she”, not “he or she”, so it seems rather blue-pill at least)  where they address the issue (as part of a professional social media marketing, PR, VC, and HR blog). And I asked the author the simple questions:

Salima, are you working in STEM? No? That’s right, you’re working in HR. Then
1) Why are you complaining about “not enough” women working in STEM?
2) Why aren’t you working in STEM? (aren’t you part of the problem?)
3) “Social sciences” is not STEM, and it’s a choice. Why do you expect those women (like you) to want to go work in STEM (unlike you)?
4) Why do you/we “need” more women in STEM? For what purpose?
I’d seriously like to know, also:
5) Why aren’t you also trying to address the under-representation of men in “social science” jobs? Why only the women?

So a week went by with no reply and I asked her on this blog post:


Hi Salima, you haven’t responded to my inquiry on your first blog on this subject, so I’ll ask here:
Why didn’t you go into tech/STEM? (Why aren’t you taking initiative/leadership and being a role model for other women?)
I’d sincerely like to know (I am currently researching this topic).
Thank you.

If you read both articles, they are essentially blaming “the culture” and suggesting making accommodation just to get more women in STEM (without making a case as to why, or what the benefits would be).

You can also see here: http://labs.openviewpartners.com/female-tech-entrepreneurs/

Where I simply asked:

Question: what does “being a woman” have to do with anything? Why not 5 short tech entrepreneurs, or 5 old tech entrepreneurs, or 5 white tech entrepreneurs. Should a woman receive special accolades just for doing the same thing a man does? Isn’t that looking down on women?

Now why do I do this? Because getting the message out and starting the conversation in wider society is important to effect change. The radical feminists won’t care about arguments or reason, but the rest of society might.

Throughout the rest of November, I will be covering more on this topic, as well as trying to engage people in dialogue. I encourage you to do the same.

As always, I wish you all the best my brothers (and sisters), I’ll see you next week (if not sooner).

Bias against men in “Domestic Violence” campaigns

Bias against men in “Domestic Violence” campaigns

Something that has become more and more apparent in the western society’s war against men and boys is the repeated and constant use of women victim-male aggressor dichotomy narrative to demonize and shame men, driving them into an ever-more precarious state.

Take Domestic Violence (DV) campaigns. They focus almost exclusively on the suffering of women, and paint men as unidirectional aggressors, while the reality is that most DV is bi-directional.


domestic violence against men

Also, they try to label any and every normal human behavior as abusive, so long as it is perpetrated by a male.

Is “using logic” or “raising your voice” (even when the woman is screaming at you),  “using angry expressions” during an argument, or viewing pornography a form of domestic abuse? Well according to these idiots, it is, I kid you not.


This is insane!

And now, the US government is targeting men by including female-only domestic violence screening as part of its health care plan. Not only is it skewed against men, but it also will not address the problem of DV because most DV is perpetrated as much by women as it is by men.


What do you think?

Next time you hear some feminist, mangina, or reporter/journalist only focus on violence against women, be sure to let them know that men matter too, and ignoring their experience of DV is contributing to the problem, not solving it.

Forced marriages

Forced marriage. Did you know that in many states (and provinces if you’re in Canadia) you are de-facto married under the law just for living with someone? No vows exchanged, not marital contract signed, no ceremony, it just happens. Yep, that’s the ever-Orwellian “common-law marriage”.


One day, you wake up and you’re married, with all the legal hell that comes with it.

That’s right, one day, you wake up, you’re married, and all the legal hell and loss of rights (for men) that comes with it. If she leaves, you lose half or more of all you own, lose custody of your kids, have to pay alimony, child support, get kicked out of your house, have to pay for her lawyers to “divorce” you, etc.

Find out more here:








Sick right?

This is bullshit! This is tyranny! To be forced into a contract that you never signed or agreed to.

But of course, what do people (both men and women) and particularly the media complain about? That’s right, forced marriages for women. Oh, now it’s an issue (which it is, I’m not denying that), but not when thousands of men are being forced into marriage? That’s fine with them? Do the words “double-standard” and “misandry” come to mind?